Liberty Converse Web Agent installation - Citrix environment

I would like to suggest the below for future consideration - in mind of organisations running a Citrix environment and deploying Web Agent:

One key area for administrators to improve performance / manage resources in Citrix is to minimise the size of the central user profile repository and the profile storage on the Citrix server.

The default install for Web Agent is in AppData\Local which uses 150MB+ (times the number of agents) on the Citrix server; we don’t allow persistent cache to reclaim disk space so this location is also cleared down at logon. However, equally we wouldn’t want this in AppData\Roaming as that’s 150MB+ needing to transfer at log on / off.

For now I’ve made use of a workaround we use for system temp files, where I’ve put the installation directory in a network share that is unique to each user. So each user now has a 150MB+ directory and they just run the WebAgent.exe from their W: drive for example. In terms of storage it still seems a bloated way of making the application available to multiple users running on Citrix servers with duplication of the application directory.

Can there please be a method whereby the Web Agent application is installed in a central location such as C:\Program Files\Netcall\ContactCentreWebAgent\ then each users runs the WebAgent.exe from here – with just the WebAgent.settings file (plus any other unique settings) being stored in a roaming location such as \AppData\Roaming\Netcall\ContactCentreWebAgent\

Items such as log files should stay in the application installation directory. I’d just like to see the files that are unique to the user being stored in the roaming directory please.

I appreciate we can apply file redirection of AppData\local but I’d still like to get away from duplicate application files on the network.

If there is a means anyone else uses or if this can be considered it would be of great help.


Hi Jamie,

Thank you for raising this concern with us. Currently our Web Agent installer is designed to be installed into each user profile with the default location set to the users AppData folder. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, typically users will have full access to this location and therefore can freely install any future updates automatically. Secondly, there are number of files used by the application, including local storage cache that is a sub folder of the main application installation folder. Therefore it is not currently possible to have a shared location for the install as each user will be overwriting the same files.

I agree this approach is not optimal when running the application in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment and therefore I will raise a Software Change Request to improve the installer to better deal with this use case.

Please feel free to contact me direct should you wish to discuss potential workarounds in the short term.


Jonathan Gunner