Liberty Create 10.4 - due for release in October 2019

Liberty Create 10.4 is the latest version of Netcall’s Low-code platform.

Test Studio
This is a brand-new studio to allow for the creation, execution and management of test scripts within the platform. This will greatly simplify the QA process when deploying new applications.

Code Studio (Phase 3)
We have updated the IDE to provide better integration with logging, documentation and references.

Liberty Connect integration
Liberty Create fully supports integration with our Liberty Connect cloud-based messaging engine for conversational messaging via Twitter & Facebook.

Controller Two-Factor Authentication
Support for two-factor Authentication has been added for more secure access to the Liberty Create Controller via SMS.

Database views via ODBC
Liberty Create database views can now be exposed via ODBC. This opens up the potential to use third-party, data-mining tools for consolidated reporting in other systems.