Liberty Create 10.5 - Due for release February 2020

Here are some of the new and exciting features coming in Liberty Create 10.5

AI Engine

Our new AI engine will allow you to add popular cloud-based AI services to any application build. Initially we’ll support the most popular platform - Google Cloud – enabling you to utilise services such as:

  • Natural Language API – Includes features such as sentiment analysis, entity analysis, entity sentiment analysis, content classification, and syntax analysis.
  • Vision API – detect objects and faces, read printed and handwritten text and build valuable image metadata
  • Translation API - instantly translate texts into more than one hundred languages for your apps.

Thereafter we’ll be embedding other cloud based AI services. Got a suggestion for us? Please let us know!

Portal feature set

While you’ve always been able to create portals within your applications we’re boosting the tool-set with functionality that’ll allow you to deliver beautiful consumer-grade portal interfaces. Amongst other things, new features will allow you to:

  • Add completely custom headers and footers.
  • Use a robots.txt file to control how search engines see your Portals.
  • When making changes, put your Portal politely into maintenance mode.

All of which will allow you to create Customer Portals that truly reflect your brand.

Process Modeller v2

This new version of the Process Modeller will include an upgraded canvas with pan and zoom support as well as sub-process and stage rule representations. This means that, as well as it being easier to navigate larger process diagrams, it’ll be easier to visually understand what’s happening when cases progress through your process.

3rd Party Auth Flow Integrations

As well as our existing support for SAML2 (Security Assertion Mark-up Language) we’re adding oAuth, OpenID & OpenID Connect as login options for Authentication Flows. This opens up your options for how your customers, citizens, patients or staff might login to your apps including popular accounts like Google and Facebook.