Liberty Create - Add Properties to Object from Page Builder

For speed, add a pop-up panel to the properties pane in page builder to quickly add an additional property.

In addition, would you consider making text line single the default new property, or at the very least sticking it to the top of the list. I waste a lot of time scrolling to find it.

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for the suggestions!

Not sure about the popup idea at the mo. Do you mean to have a standard list of common properties?

I’m definitely keen to get selecting the Data Type quicker. Defaulting to ‘Text single line’ would be good once we have enabled editing the data type (which is harder than it might first seem). Until then I’d fear user would forget to change it.

In terms of putting the common ones at the top… Do you think the platform has a set order or should it dynamically look at the most commonly used ones within the current app and put them at the top (maybe in their own group)?


Hi Paul,

I mean if you are building a form, a pop-up that saves you going to the object page, adding a property, saving, returning to page-builder and then refreshing.

As far as putting data types, simply having Text Single and Text Multiple followed by a line and then all the other data types in alpha order would be really advantageous.

Hi Adam,

Ah ok, I see now.

Two good ideas to consider here.