Liberty Create - Detective - Ability to view other users Activity

Within the Detective you have the ability to select “My activity only” which will show you all the events and processes being triggered by yourself within liberty create, I find this feature extremely useful for cutting out all other processes that are not triggered by myself, however, I imagine like myself, many builders have various user accounts at different levels within the application, for example, Managers, Team leaders and general processing users.

When using these other user accounts it is not possible to just view the activities triggered by these and leaves you viewing everything that is going on in the platform, I feel a drop down to select which user you would like to view the activity on would be a massive help,

The ability to select users could be restricted to certain builder or could be on/off by default.

How do others feel this would benefit them? if at all.

Hi Ryan,

We could add that as a feature to the detective.

Might not be a dropdown (to accomodate when there are thousands of users).

Interested to know if anyone else would use that.


Sounds useful, for cutting out ‘noise’ when debugging user-related activities

I think that would be really useful. When you are testing / debugging for a specific user role there is currently no way of limiting the results and in a busy environment this would be a real help.

This sounds like a great idea and would save lots of time when tracking down issues.

What is the likelihood of getting this implemented?

After discussing with some of the community offline as well, it appears that this would be a very useful feature for those of us using Detective for debugging.

Hi Ryan,

Since this is a very small feature and is in-demand, we will look to add this to 2020.1.

I will update you when it is available.


That is great news, cheers Paul

Hi Ryan,

This has been added in 2020.1.523.

It’s a type-ahead search that lets you search by user id, username and the field representing the default name of the users.

The tickbox for selecting your own activity is gone but “My activity” is the default suggestion in the type ahead search so that remains quick to select.

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 09.07.42



Cheers Paul, I have yet to experience it, but hopefully in the coming days :wink: