Liberty Create v2020.2 - Coming Soon

Version 2020.2 of Liberty Create is slated for release at the end of September

If you’re on v2020.1 already, then ‘Good News!’ you’ll be able to upgrade yourself through the Controller

And if you’re not on v2020.1 yet then please contact your Account Manager ASAP as you’ll miss out on all the new features!

Here are some of the cool new features coming in v2020.2:

  • Monitor Studio

A new studio to monitor applications, with dashboards to report on server stats, message volumes, API calls and general performance.

  • Help Portal

Our help portal has been refreshed to include a much improved UI and searching capability.

  • Code Studio (Phase 4)

Much-improved developer workflow and Code API to aid faster & easier development. Modularised components for future expansion & backwards compatibility.

  • Community Requests

inc PDF Watermarks, default PageBuilder settings, expiring auth page links and listing widget improvements