Location Coordinates and Dependencies


I’ve tried to implement a dependency using two location fields, however this does not seem to work. Is there something obvious that i’m missing?

Many thanks

Karl is off this week, so I’m jumping in as this is something we’d like to get to the bottom of.

We have a parent object with a location property related to a child object. The functionality we have built allows us to create child records. The real world use case is a Highways enquiry can have many actions. When we create the action on a form we will prepopulate some information from the parent enquiry.

As Karl describe, this doesn’t work for a location field using dependencies. [if parent location is not empty THEN for child location ‘set value same as parent location’]

I fixed this with a fragment callback. I trigger the event on a mandatory fragment within the form and the location property has the refresh event.

Here’s the code if it’s useful to anyone.

var values = fragment_presenter.get_values();
if(!values) return;

var enquiry_location_field = cs.ref("highways_enquiry_w3w_location");
var enquiry_location = values[enquiry_location_field];

mats.log("location =" + enquiry_location);

@Netcall, it does seem to be a bug that the second fragment cannot be set using a dependency and value from the first.