Missing "Save Step 1" button when trying to install module (21.4)

Another user has shared a module with me, the module version is on 21.4 as is the environment I’m installing it. Both the creator of the module and myself can’t install it anywhere as the “save step 1” button is not visible.

“Save step 2” is visible, but this errors as step 1 is not completed.

Has anyone experienced this before and what is the solution?

Hi, I can confirm that this happened to me when I tried to install this module too (i created it and tried to install it into a fresh app). I re-did the module creation but this didn’t fix the issue.

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Hi @CraigBarker_Cumbria and @kevin.rowe - Thanks for raising the issue, it is one we are aware of and I can update you both later today.

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