Mobile number duplication against users

We have users with mobile numbers attached who leave the organisation. The mobile is re-assigned to a new employee who may have a different role so we cannot replace them.

Even though we remove the mobile number from the old employee account we are not able to re-use this number for the new employees account as it is saying it still exists.

We don’t want to delete the old employee as their name is associated with previous records which need for auditing purposes. Why is it not allowing us to re-use the mobile when we have removed it from the other account?

Hi. What mechanism are you using to prevent the reuse of mobile numbers in the first place? Is it a Data Type with the “Enforce unique” option enabled for example, or maybe you are using the mobile number as the username filed for the user?
Also how are you removing the mobile numbers? E.g. using a “Set field value” rule, or “Delete field value” rule maybe?

It has enforce unique against the mobile data type. The user record is edited and the mobile number manually deleted against the old user account. I don’t know if this is done before the old account is locked or after as it is done by an administration team.

Ok thanks, based on what you describe there is no reason the numbers shouldn’t be reusable once removed, so there must be something else going on.

A unique data type must be unique across the whole system, not just each property it is used for. If you go to the Data Type itself and look at the Usage tab, you can see if it is used in more than one property. If so you may find the mobile number is being used elsewhere.

Hi Bob, thanks for you help with this. I think I have found the issue. For some reason, a specific type of user is created in two places, the user table and this additional site manager area. I am going to have to create a rule that updates this additional object as well as the user information.