Moving an application's contents to another application


I have an application that has been live for 9 months and we are looking to integrate it into another applicaion we have recently launched.

In this scenario it’d be an interface (which is a form) but we’d need all objects etc moved too. Is there a simple way to ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ app A’s content into app B via the Controller? We would prefer not to move everything manually and rebuild in a different interface on App B if possible.


Hi Sukhdeep, unfortunately there is no straight forward way to do what you are trying to achieve, and I suspect that you are also looking to take your months of data with it. Your options are as follows:

  1. You utilise the platform’s Module functionality and attempt to wrap the required parts of App A into a module and deploy it into App B. This is new functionality and is an approach that you could explore.

  2. Using App A as your “Guide”, rebuild the functionality into App B. I think you need to evaluate how long you think it would take to rebuild App A in App B. If it is less than a few days it’s probably your better and safe option. If it looks like a mountain to climb, then go the Modules route, but that route is also not without its challenges.

Either way you will have to write imports and exports in Apps A&B respectively, in order to bring your historic data across reliably.

This advice is BROAD, based on the very little I know about your two Apps and what you are trying to achieve. I hope it helps. Please get back if you need further advice.

Regards - Mark P