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We have several Notify campaigns set up. a few of them use a dialogue to make outbound calls. There are approximately 150(ish) entries in the list and some have more than one number. Can someone explain how quick Netcall makes these calls? Does it attempt them all at the same time and instantly retry if it cannot get a channel, or does it space the calls out over a period of time?
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Hi Gordon

When a campaign is started, entities will be contacted as soon as possible, with each telephony server picking up 1 new call every second, until reaching its capacity. Specifically, until 60% of all the server’s outbound lines are in use (the remaining 40% are kept available for making and transferring calls on demand). If the system reaches capacity, all outstanding entities are queued up and processed within seconds of an outbound channel becoming available until every entity has been contacted or the campaign has finished.

If an entity has multiple telephone numbers, e.g. a Home Telephone Number and a Mobile Telephone Number, then the calls will be attempted according to the Call Plan Job configuration for that group e.g. the first contact may be to their Home Telephone number, and if there is no response then then there might be an interval of 10 minutes before calling their Mobile.

Where you have a job that transfers to another number, we will play ringtone to the customer while we queue for an outbound channel, competing with all other inbound and Notify calls on that same server, but this comes from the 40% pot of outbound lines that are always set aside, so we should not normally need to queue for an outbound line (and if so, the telephony server will stop making outbound calls until the outbound channel usage corrects itself back down to less than 60%).

Hope that helps (and makes sense!)


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Excellent reply - thank you very much.

Hi, @GordonIng. To add what Sam has said. On average, each Notify call would take 1 minute as a maximum to complete.

If you have five channels and 150 Contacts to call, it would take 30 minutes to complete and speak to everyone.

This, of course, can then depend on the Call Plan jobs within your Campaigns (and the entities picking up and interacting each time). We have a best practice document that we recommend our customers use to base their Campaigns on to ensure the best times to contact the entities throughout the day.

If it cannot find a channel, the system will queue the job until it gets a channel.

Let us know if you need anything else.


Jonathan Redsell