On Premise Adaptor

I have a query regarding the Liberty On-Premise Adaptor.

We’re planning a Netcall solution that will be making multiple API requests to services within our internal network. It was my understanding that we could route all these through the LOPA (ating as sort of a reverse proxy), rather than having to open firewall ports to expose all our internal services.

I can’t find anything specific in the LOPA about exposing internal API endpoints to Netcall. There is the http Forwarding section, but this only allows POST requests, and so will not meet our needs.

Can this be done with LOPA, or do we need to re-think things?

Many thanks in advance.


Afternoon Steve,

Currently, OPA only supports POST for this feature, although it could potentially be modified to support other verbs.

Could you share your timescales for this deployment and any other requirements or details regarding this API call and we can take a look at whether we could accommodate your needs?

Thanks for the update Adam. I’ll look at gathering the details requested. Is this something we’d have to pay for, or use up consulting days?


Hi Adam

Just following up with this. Would the required changes to the OPA be a chargeable service, and if so could you provide some approximate details on how that would work.

Alternatively, we have experience in using Apache with modProxy to publish API endpoints from multiple services in a single location (similar to what the OPA does for ODBC connections). Are you aware of any issues with this approach or is there anything we should be aware of when adopting this?



Hi Stephen,

No, we would be looking to expand the functionality of OPA to benefit all existing and future users.

Complexities can arise in parsing http headers and query string parameters and verbs as is our issue.