Operator feature - live call recording

Our current platform allows operators to press a ‘red button’ and retrospectively record all of the call. The call is then sent to the supervisor as a .wav file. This is a function I would require as a basic if I was to consider moving to Netcall operator solution.

Hi Donna,

That sounds like an interesting idea and not something we had considered or had requested for before. We will discuss this internally and then come back to you with further feedback.

Thanks again


Hi Donna, in Liberty Converse, Call recording is standard. Most of our existing customers turn call recording on. This ensures all calls are recorded. You can then access these recordings from the interactions report.

One way to flag particular calls could be to use an Activity Code, and using 5.1 of Liberty converse have create a scheduled report that emails you (to what ever schedule you set) to then review these recordings.

I would say the benefit of recording all calls ensures nothing is missed even if you don’t use Activity Codes to flag a call, you can always go back and search for a call later and download the recording to store indefinitely if required.

Perhaps a button to simply flag a call would be of an advantage here?

Jonathan, excellent news - flag may do the job.