Page Element Collapser widget from the Appshare

I’ve recently downloaded the Page Element Collapser widget from the appshare, and have it up and running for information cells but not for lists yet.

I can see from the reviews that someone else has managed to do this, could someone share the edits required to get this to work please? We’re hoping to use it on a reporting interface page that would contain lists, pivot tables and charts, with the Collapser above each.

Thanks for any help,

Hi Jane, I’ve published an updated version but it might take some time until it is approved. The updated version should work with lists and has the additional feature of using sessionStorage to store the state so a section will remain expanded even when navigating away and back to a page. If you provide an email I can send it to you directly, otherwise it should be available on appshare soon.

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Hi Jane and Biser, the new V2 version of this item is now available to download from AppShare.

Best Regards - Mark Pearson AppShare Manager


Many thanks both.

We’ll download the new version and take it from there.

Thanks for your help,