Page linking and record saving issue

We have 2 separate pages, and each page has some field to be filled. We have 1 button and 2 links to redirect to another page. We are using Submit button as Save. When we are filling the first page and clicking on save and redirecting to another page and filling the second page 2 records are being created. We want single record to be created. Can anyone let me know how we can achieve this. Thanks in advance.

@AMBoopat It sounds as though you have an issue with your redirects here.
Page 1 redirect should have ticked the option for “Redirect with ID”.
Page 2 should then have a base object of the record your 1st page is creating. This will be of the base object of your widget or widget group page 1 has.
I would recommend a debug field on your page 2 so when you redirect here, you are able to see the ID of your base record shown. If this is blank then your redirect is still not correct.
Your widget with the field and submit on page 2 should then have a base object of “Page Object”. If it shows “Independent Object” then the widget is the issue and is submitting a new record and not editing the record as you expect.
Hope this helps.