Personalised greeting messages

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible for our analysts to set up personalised greeting messages which would play prior to them being transferred a call?
Something along the lines of ‘Welcome to IT, you are now being transferred through to Analysts Name

Hi Kirsty,

The functionality you describe is not something that is currently available on the Converse platform. Can I suggest that you submit this to our Ideas portal for future consideration and then others can see it and upvote it if they think it would be a useful addition.

We have considered adding the concept of an Auto Salutation Message where the agent could record a greeting which is played automatically to the caller when the agent answers the call. This saves them from having to say the same thing over and over again. I might contain something like “Hello, this is Jonathan in the Customer Services Team, how can I help you today?”

If that is something of interest then please add that to the Ideas portal.

Many thanks

Jonathan Gunner

Thanks Jonathan. I have uploaded an Idea as suggested :slight_smile: