Record Selector two levels deep


I have the below setup

The customer has a policy from the policy master but has specific custom attributes maintained in the customer policy table.

Now when I am creating a ticket what I would like to do is choose the customer first and then see all the policy they have and choose one of them. However I am not able to do so. Would like some guidance on this.

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I think what you are missing is a relationship directly from the Claim to the Customer Policy (unless it is hidden on the diagram under the boxes).

On your form you would use that relationship in your second relationship selector (“Customer Policy”), and use the settings to filter it by the selection in your first relationship chooser (“Customer”).

Technically, it may be redundant to have a separate relationship directly to the Customer, as that can be implied from the selected Customer Policy. But there may be good reasons to have, to make other functionality easier, so it is not unreasonable to have both in some scenarios.

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Thanks Bob! That worked ! I did however had to use the relationship to customer to drive the first record selector since the other approach was returning duplicates. Basically, I needed both the relationship. Unless there is way to do it with just the single relationship to CustomerPolicy

That’s great!

There is a way to have a single relation selector but make it display as a hierachical pair, have a look at the “Selector path” settings on the relationship chooser fragment. (Only available for dropdown selectors, not typeaheads). It let’s you define a relationship to a “Parent” thing (in your case Customer), which a user must select first, before it then shows a smaller dropdown list of the actual items (Customer Policies) in the second dropdown which match that selected item only, to avoid long lists with duplicates.

In this setup you are still only saving a single relationship (directly to the Customer Policy), it’s just a way of presenting it in a useful hierachical form.