Reminder: What to expect in our v22.2 release

Hey everyone,

Today we have a reminder on the Liberty Controller v22.2 release that will be available from next month.

So, what can you expect with this release?

For Liberty Create

  • Expose Microsoft Teams video calls within Liberty Create
  • Monitor Studio, A new ‘problem’ page will automatically collate, highlight and allow for the proactive notification of solution issues.
  • Configure API call retry requests, support API call chaining and save inbound API requests as record data.
  • Add the ability to render eLearning files allowing web-based educational content to be exposed.

For Liberty RPA

  • New activities for automating browser processes with Microsoft Edge in addition to the existing Google Chrome activities.

  • New RPA Activities. These additional activities were requested through the Community Ideas Portal and include;

    • New Variable Operations activities for setting multiple variables at once

    • New Excel activities for more advanced row/column manipulation

    • Screenshot activities enhancements

    • Keyboard Shortcut activities allowing the bot developer to easily add common shortcut keys to their flow

For Liberty AI

  • Training data file removal

    • Testing of the inference through the model details page

    • Connect to Liberty Create to retrieve training data

    • Key Phrase Extraction & Entity Extraction pre-trained models

    • Display all model features with value weight

We hope you’ll appreciate these updates and have a smooth experience.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think, we love hearing from you!

Thank you,

Lisa :blush: