Replacing the "-" with a " " for empty fields

A quick question I hope.

When I display a list of object data, if any fields are empty, they’re displayed as “-”. This also appears in the downloaded .CSV data if the list is configured with a download CSV option.

Is it possible to remove these “-” and instead show a " " instead?

Hi @camsd047 ,

Yes, there is a way of doing this :slight_smile:

You can make a change within your build labels for empty values, but this will be platform-wide. If you would like to apply these changes, go to Build Studio > Locale > Labels. Then click on the System tab and search for the label default_display_value_when_empty.

You can then change the value as you wish, which in your case would be changing it to a blank space.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Morning Ali, would you mind if I submitted this as a change request please, I think changing the empty value labels in the UI is too high a price to pay to have the download csv work correctly.

Hi @adam.mills ,

Of course! :slight_smile: raise something in the Community Ideas - It would be nice if we could control it within the Import/Export file types which would be more useful and isolated from the rest of the UI.