Routing rules not being followed

I’ve set up several rules to route emails with specific words or acronyms to a certain queue. However I’m finding that quite a few emails seem to get routed to this queue inappropriately. I can’t see anything in the email which meets the rules I’ve set so I don’t know why it has been routed that way. I’ve copied the entire transcript into MS Word and used ‘find’ but not found any of the phrases. Plus I’ve used the test function within Netcall and copied the entire email trail into the message field and it tells me it should go to the right queue. But it didn’t. Am I missing something?

@vchapman Have you put your filtering rules above the ‘original’ queue routing rule on your Routing table? If not, this is likely to be the cause of the problem.

Thanks Ross. I’ve checked again and they are above the original routing rule which says ‘if none of the above routing rules apply then the email will be routed to the General queue’. But I can’t see any wording in the particular emails that meets any of my rules, so they should by default go to the general queue. The test function within Netcall also tells me they should go to the general queue, so I’m at a loss.

Hi, sounds like you have everything setup correctly in the email routing rules. The next step would be to have our support team take a closer look. Can you raise this with them directly please?


Jonathan Gunner

Thank you. I’ve just put in a request.