Rows per page not working when allowing Add/Delete on List Edit Widget

In my current application I have a “List Edit” widget that has about 50 items and I would like to be able to Add/Delete from this list, but at the same time I would also like to limit the rows per page .

It seems when I apply the Add/Delete option, I am no longer able to navigate between the different pages of the list edit, where I have set a value for the Rows Per Page this value does limit the rows displayed but no longer shows the navigation. is this correct functionality?

Current Version 10.4,

Hi Ryan,
You are right, it doesn’t seem to be the correct functionality.

I have tried it on one of my 10.4 apps and I can see the ‘List Edit’ stops showing the ‘Pagination’ if the flag for ‘Allow Delete’ is checked. It shouldn’t.

I am going to raise a ticket for it and we’ll keep you updated.

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Thanks Asif, cheers for your help.