Searching Blocks of Text

Hi guys, we have an application that requires us to search blocks of text for specific terms and for free-form terms input by a user. We are using subsets for the specific terms and a standard search box for the free-form entry terms. This is limited as it appears that only a single term can be entered in the free-form box. We can have multiple free-form boxes, but along with the specific terms this takes up quite a bit of screen real estate. Any ideas on how or if this can be streamlined? Many thanks, Bob.

Hi @Robert.Boland I’m sure others will have some thoughts about this but would a widget like this help?

Thanks Lewis, But what we are after is searching for multiple terms in the same search.

We have just come across a similar issue today (I knew i’d seen a forum post about it recently), we are looking to build a custom search which will search for all words putting an OR between them. It might be a bit slow against larger datasets (our data is only 75 records), but will keep you posted…

edit, our is actually a relation selector, but I imaging the code will be useful to you once we have it working

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