Send email automatically when form is submitted

Hi, I have 2 rules set up with each sending an email when the first stage of my process is complete. However, they don’t actually send until the agent clicks on complete for that stage (defeats the object really) when looking at the cases list.

I would like the emails to be sent as soon as the submit button is pressed on the form so the agent is made aware of a new submission rather than having to keep going to the cases list to see if there is a new one there.

HI Carl,

2 options here. You can either attach an event to your submit button of your form which will trigger against the saved context record after the form data saves or the better practice would be to attach a case started event to the “Case started” trigger or move your existing rules to a “Stage started” trigger from a Stage completed and trigger your emails from here. Be sure to check your sibling order after doing this to validate that any dependent data for your email content or recipients is in place from other rules surrounding before triggering.