Session Expiry Information


We are trying to keep a record of Agents log out times to ensure they are all logged out when potential changes are applied but also to keep a count of how many users we have logged in at the same time.

We are able to get log out information (timestamps) when a User actively clicks on “Log out” but we are not able to get any information when a session expires due to inactivity or max session time reached.

Looking at detective, it only display information when a user logs in, but nothing when the session expires.

Is there are way to see this information?


Hi Germán,

Build Studio > Security > “Login Control” may simplify this for you.

Here you can see how many active sessions there currently are per-role.

You can also force block users with certain roles and end their sessions.

(This functionality is not really part of the ‘build’ and maybe should be moved out to Monitor Studio?).

This seems ideal for managing sessions when deploying changes.

Does it meet your needs?


Netcall Partner

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your input. Unfortunately that functionality does not meet out requirements as it does not work constantly.

For example while our whole team of Builder was logged in, the “Login Control” displayed 0 users logged in so we are hoping to get a more accurate dashboard that we can manipulate and get info from.

That sounds like a platform bug @Cassablanca - I’ve not experienced that one myself. What version of Create are you using, maybe I can try to replicate it and raise with the platform developers to review.