Shared mailbox - contacts

Can Liberty Create support out of the box the ability to create a shared mailbox associated with many emails so that communications sent to these e-mails will always got to a per-defined user group maintained by the customer

Hi Giuseppe,

We don’t have a “Forward email” rule action but it is reasonably straight-forward to build something close to that.

The Builder would probably:

  1. Configure a page to main the list of recipients separately in such a way as to ensure every recipient will be in a Subset.

  2. Define Recipients (BS > Communications > Recipients) as “Records” that are “Unrelated”, using the above Subset.

  3. Create an Outbound Message (BS > Communications > Message) with:

  • A Base Object of the Message Object holding the incoming Messages
  • Content that reconstructs the original message as closely as possible (or just have a link into a view of the inbound message in the UI)
  • Uses the above Recipients defined.
  1. Create a rule to send the above message when an inbound message was sent to the group email account.

In theory the original message can be reconstructed exactly, since we have body, headers and attachments. If any passers-by have attempt that, maybe share your experience here?