Show user's organisation in Community forums

It would be useful to show each user’s organisation alongside their name in the forums. This way everyone will know if they are talking to someone from Netcall, a partner organisation or another customer, and may therefore help add some context to their comments.

Hi Bob,
We are unable to display a User’s organisation on the Forum as this is not captured. The only indicator is the User’s email address and that is not viewable due to data privacy.

Hi Asif,

Would it be possible to add a flag to show when the person is a Netcall employee?

The users organisation is captured in the user profile, so it should be able to be displayed.

The Organisation is captured in the Community User profile. This is not, currently, passed to the forum profile. We will look into this. If we show the User Organisation we will have to seek the User’s permission to do so and will have to be cleared by our ISMS team.