Sign in to website using iFrame


I’m trying to use an iFrame widget to access Adobe Acrobat’s free online compression tool. The iFrame displayed initially, but then after the first compression you need to create an (free) account. This redirects you to a different page and when this page is used in the iFrame, it does not display.

First url:
Second url (after creation of free account): Adobe Acrobat

Is there a way to supply logon details to a site within an iFrame? I wanted to do the same a while back with one of our internal website pages too.

As a workaround I can create a standard link to the pdf compression page, but it would be nice to have the it embedded within the Create page.



Firewall setup:

The second URL uses a different subdomain so will be blocked by your current Firewall config.

You could change your firewall domain to * to allow all Adobe pages.

However I just did a quick test and it looks like Adobe have also blocked that second link from being used within frames anyway. So you will likley get a browser error, and will therefore need to open it in a new window instead.

Thanks. I’ll just open the adobe pdf compression page in a new window.

Regarding our internal webpage which requires a logon to access it. Is it possible to logon automatically using an iFrame widget ?

I’m using a composite with the format:

But, that does not work. Setup in the Firewall is similar to what you have advised above.


Also, using the logon page within the iFrame and supplying username and password from there does not log you onto the website in the widget/Create page.

I believe support for logging in via URL is now deprecated in all major browsers. And of course would only have worked if that page was setup to authorise in that manner to begin with.

See: HTTP authentication - HTTP | MDN