Spell check functionality for text editors

It has been raised to me by several agents that it would be a useful option to have a spell check functionality in text editors, we generally use these for sending emails to customers and external parties, so it’s nice to be able to present professionally.
I know that most browsers provide spell-check functionality now anyway, but they only seem to work intermittently in the Netcall text editors, so some built in functionality would be very useful :slight_smile:

Hi Jo,

Thanks for raising this.

We have in the past encouraged users to depend upon the browser spell-checkers. I am not aware of “intermittent” problems with their use on our platform.

If you could send me a direct message with a link to a page you have observed this on - as well as the browser that was being used - we can have a look into it.

If we conclude that browsers spell-checkers are insufficient, we can reconsider this as a possible feature.