Submission event (saved record) - What is the expected behavior?

I have a page with a base object defined and a ‘To-Many’ relation path to the saved record. The Form widget which contains the Submit element is in a widget group where the base is the page base object and the relation path is one to many, to ‘Webpage login helper’

The Submit element has two Submission properties:

  1. Submission event (base record)
  2. Submission event (saved record)

The help text on 2 is “If you save a record with a ‘To-Many’ relation path, then you can now trigger an Event afterwards.”

What I am experiencing is the event does fire, but only rules that have a trigger event of the parent base object are triggered.

This is where I have defined the event.

I have these two rules which both trigger on the above event. One had a trigger object of ‘customer request’ (which is the parent object), the second has a trigger object of ‘webpage login helper’ (which is the children at the MANY end of this relation).

My understanding is that the rule with trigger object of ‘webpage login helper’ should fire as this is the saved record, but what I experience is the event triggers on the ‘customer request’ object and therefore only the ‘customer request’ rules fire.

I’m on version 10.2.708

Morning Craig, I’m very happy to take a look at this after we resolve your other issue.