Timers - Using existing data

When you have a system in flight and you need to introduce new timers, you have to wait for the rule to fire to start the timer. Thus you have to wait for the pipeline to stabalise before you get to see meaningful data for the new timer.

What about if you could create a timer, select a process object and then the stage. So the timer is picking up the existing date/time of the keystage completion. For both start and stop.

This method would mean we have full data from the timer immediately.

Hi Andy,

Thank you for the suggestion!

I can see how this could be useful to you.

Sightly different way of implementing we could consider:

  • Have a rule action of “Set timer value” that could cover simple cases, like the duration already spent a single step in a process.
  • Have a set_timer_value() Code Studio function where it needs more complex logic to retrospectively work out what duration value to set the timer to.