Transform image - error in detective "transform_image - Failed to set exception option"

We’re trying to improve our demand on disk space by running some rules to reduce image filesize by scaling.

It isn’t working and returns this error in the detective “transform_image - Failed to set exception option”.
What causes this error?

Afternoon Craig,

I’ll try and reproduce the error and log it as a bug.
Can you confirm what version you are on please?

Many Thanks

erm :slight_smile: seen this on an EOL version, 2020.1 but in a bit of a catch 22 as would like/need to reduce disk usage before upgrading.

Issue has been raised in bug tracker as item #19960.
I will let you know if there is any movement.
What version are you looking to upgrade to?

We’ll be upgrading to 2021.3 in about 3 weeks with assistance from Neil’s team as part of CH framework rationalisation.