Tricky booking base object and context problem

I’ve tried searching but didn’t find anything to help with this problem.

Objects & Relationships:
[Parent] 1:many [Children]
[Booking Activities] 1:many [Booking slots]

We are creating a booking system where a Parent of a child / children with disabilities can book those children on to specialist activities.

Using authenticated webpages (Base object is child)
Maintaining the context of the child record and being able to search all of the activities, then being able to “book the child into a slot” by relating the Child to a Booking Slot.

Has anyone achieved this sort of functionality?

Solved :slight_smile:

I’ve added another object [child to activity mapping]
and it is related in like this. [Children] 1: many [child to activity mapping] many:1 [Booking Activity].

I’ve also created an API function and Endpoint. The function is a search with a base object of Booking Activity.

I call this API from an individual Children record. The response provides Booking Activity, ID properties which are written into new records through the [Children] 1: many [child to activity mapping] relationship.

A rule on record creation relates those mapping records to Booking Activities.

On an Authenticated Webpage with Base object of the child, I can trigger the api call and view a list of Activities that are now related through the mapping object.

Theres a bit of house keeping involved in this solution. I need to make sure api records and mapping records are deleted when they are no longer needed.