Tuesday Top-Up!

Hi all
Following our hack day, we have just uploaded loads more content, but first I want to draw your attention to a contribution from a member of the Community. @CraigBarker_Cumbria from Cumbria County Council has uploaded a new plugin.
It’s a Presenter that captures the URL of the current page in the browser using the javascript
window.location object. Craig has been awarded a shiny new Contributor badge. Nice one Craig!
You can download it here
More updates on other items will follow later this week.
Cheers, Tony


Well done @CraigBarker_Cumbria !!!


We have a couple of use cases for the Page URL Info Presenter that may be relevant for others.

Payment Gateway return URL:
Some of our public forms (authenticated webpages) include a redirect to a 3rd party card payment and after completing payment (successfully or not) the user is redirected back into the authenticated webpage flow on MATS.
We can now capture the authenticated webpage URL and pass in securely to the payment gateway in an API call for the return URL.

Feedback Forms:
We are actively capturing feedback from users using a 3rd party tool, but this tool doesn’t consistently, accurately capture URL of the page the user is providing feedback about.
We’ll use the Page URL Info presenter (with the Navigator Data presenter) to build our own feedback tool and manage the reporting in MATS too.



That’s great @CraigBarker_Cumbria. Always nice to see use cases for these tools.