Two way integration with Whitespace

Our Waste Services section use Whitespace and we’ve written some services that send information into Whitespace.

We are now wanting to move these services into the Citizen Hub and want Whitespace to be able to close the case when it is completed.

Has anybody any experience of getting information from Whitespace to close the case in Citizen Hub? Any help on how we can do this would be appreciated if anybody has the knowledge.


Hi Cathy,
There is a method of setting up Citizen Hub to receive and act upon updates from Whitespace. This involves creating an API function in the central application which then forwards to the appropriate host application. The only updates I am aware of are status updates of Cancelled or Complete but that will obviously be sufficient for your needs.
This setup will take a little explaining so it may be worthwhile arranging a call to discuss further.

Hi Darren
Thank you for your response.
I think a call would be great, I think case cancelled or complete would be sufficient, anything more than that would be a bonus. I would like to arrange this when my colleague is also available and he is off this week (hence my delay in responding). If we could arrange something for the second half of next week that would be really appreciated.