Upload to Amazon S3 bucket event action - Not in allowed domains error

Hi all,
We’ve set up an AWS S3 bucket and would like to use the Event Action from the appshare.

When we run it we observer the error

16:42:54.5853 [bucketname].s3.amazonaws.com/null is not in the allowed domains. Please review your security policy (/main.js, line -31, Event Action: Upload File from File Object to Amazon S3 Bucket)

We’ve added the domain as an entry in both “Domains that can use” and “Domains that can contribute” in all of the firewall profiles, but still observer the error.

Any ideas where we are going wrong?

Hi @CraigBarker_Cumbria

Thank you so much for your query! My advice would be for you to raise a build advice support ticket with our support team by emailing them at support@netcall.com or you can log a ticket directly via the Support Portal

Someone will be able have a look at this, and provide appropriate support.

If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us here at the community.

Thank you,

Lisa :slight_smile:

Morning Craig,

Have you managed to get this operational now?

Hi Adam,
Yes this is now working. Although we’ve encountered a problem with large files, I think @carro has sent information across.