User Permissions for Agents to listen/Audit Call Recordings

Today I received an email from a customer asking the following “Hi. I need to give permissions to senior agents to allow them to be able to listen to other agents calls to audit them. Any ideas on what permissions they need because looking at the roles descriptions under user permissions on the platform none of them seem to fit? Many thanks”

This of course is a great questions that many others may be asking, so here is the simple solution.

To be able to access the Contact Centre Groups Call Recordings a user must have the ability to Listen to 59R Call Recordings and be able to View the Interactions Report (the report that displays all interactions and provides the ability to play call recordings for the whole group).

Now if course this does come with a caveat that you would now be providing Agents the ability view all of the interactions within your Contact Centre and allow them to listen to the call recordings - but we will assume that this is part of their trusted role not to abuse this power (after all they are Senior Agents, and you wouldn’t just give this to everyone).

Ok so now we know the permissions needed you would need to go to your main Admin Area (this is either under platform for Converse v5 and above or Admin if on an earlier version).

Once within your main Admin area:

  1. Click User Permissions

  2. Click Roles (on the left hand side)

  3. Click the Add button (towards the top right)

  4. Give it a meaningful name (and an optional description if you wish)

  5. Choose the Type of 59R from the drop down list

  6. Add the permissions as mentioned by ticking the boxes (Listen to 59R Call Recordings & View Interactions Report).

  7. Click Save

  8. Now click on Users (on the left hand side)

  9. Add the new permissions to your required users in the same way as you normally would and set it to only the Contact Centre you require.

When the Senior Agent logs in next, they will be able to access the Reports tab within the left hand side navigation bar, which will only allow them access to the Interactions Reports for the Groups that you have allowed. Form here they can then listen to call call recordings.

Of course another way to do a similar thing is also using the Agent Evaluation module of Liberty Converse Contact Centre. This would even allow the Senior Agents to score and comment on the call for instant feedback to the agent in question.

Hope this helps others and if you have any questions just leave a comment.