Using a Sub-Page

Hi guys, in our application, I have a list of skills that are to be approved or rejected. For the ‘reject’ button, it is set up as an action link to trigger an event that will reject the skill. I want to add a sub-page that will allow the user to add the rejection reason, (a text box), and on return this will run the event. The issue is that the sub page is not very wide, so our heading block, catering for 3 nuggets is split over 2 lines, which looks poor. My suggestion, can the sub page be made to be variable size like a pop-up?
I know I can use a pop up to do what is required, but it seems a waste not to use the integral functionality.

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Hi Bob,

You might want to post this in the “Build advice” area.

If you are on 2020.1, have you tried using the newish Grid widget?
This allows you to position fragments side-by-side.