Variable base format as Choice

I’m just creating a dashboard and I’m using variables to set the criteria.

This enables me to have lots of lists with different base objects, and a single pair of variables (Date From and Date To) to limit the lists - as I have a subset on each list where the variables are the data parameters.

I’d now like to filter these lists by Service Type, however this is a Choice data type, and you cant select a base format of Choice in a variable to use as a comparator in my Subsets.

Anyone else come across this before and have a workaround. Or would it be a useful feature to be able to select Choice as a base format in a variable?


Afternoon Kevin
Let me give this some thought and I’ll come back to you. My initial thought is could you use a composite to convert the value or alternatively use a hidden field set by a callback?

I can see that I could convert a choice to text to use as a comparator, however I’d like the user to be able to have a dropdown in the variable editor widget, so they are just selecting a different choice when editing the variable value.

If the User has a relationship to these objects, could you set these as a preference against the user object and in that way get your choice option?

thats an idea, i could do the same with the date fields also, to prevent other users changing the values causing conflicts if using the app simultaneously

I play about with that