What do you want from the Community?

The aims of the MATS community are:

  • to give builders support (new and existing internal and external)
  • to help with common questions and support
  • to give everyone a route into Matssoft for platform feature requests and suggestions
  • and finally to make sure we keep everyone up to date with the latest news, releases, and events.

But we want to know what you want, how we can improve what we deliver with the community, and what else you want us to add. All feedback is welcome.

Thanks Dave, it will be great to have a space to discuss our own issues and learn how others are using the platform.

Will there be an App Share functionality that is dedicated and for the sole purpose of a customer? Some customers may not be interested to make available features and functionality that they have built to all parties but want to create an internal library for their own use.

Morning Giuseppe,

Although I strongly hope you’ll consider sharing your assets with the wider community, the code is made available either as snippets prior to 10.2 or zipped exports there after.

You could easily build your own repository in Mats to organise and document your own Mats assets internally, just as we use Mats to power the community Appshare.

Best Wishes

Morning Adam,

It would be great if this was considered as a future accelerator for our customers to consider as an add on to their other MATS applications.


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