Widget group visibility subsets


When there are a lot of widgets on a single page, allowing all the widgets within a widget group to be visible or not based on a group subset setting would make the visibility conditions more transparent (as you could see the visibility condition for all the widgets from one point) and reduce the time taken to add and update the subset settings. It would also allow several visibility conditions to be added to a widget (a widget group subset plus the existing widget-specific subset) preventing the need to create multiple subsets with slight variations to accommodate different widget visibility conditions.

As widget groups have a base object it seems like a setting for a widget group visibility subset could be added? This is not available in 10.2 and I’m presuming not currently in later versions.

Best wishes

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Hi James,

Thanks for the good suggestion - I can see how that could be useful.

We haven’t done that in more recent versions.

I have added to the todo list.