Widget Wednesday!

Hi all
Bumper news today! We have not one, not two, but three new Presenters for you! All them revolve around the theme of feedback ratings, and have been provided by Adam Mills and Ged Poviliunas.

Rating Scale Presenter
The Rating Scale Presenter enables the entry and/or display of Ratings on a scale between two values, signifying a scale as commonly used in Surveys.

Star Rating Presenter
The Star Ratings presenter enables the entry and/or display of five star ratings as commonly used in surveys. You can choose from a number of icons and alter the icon colours individually, or set the background colour as needed.

Traffic Lights Presenter
The Traffic Lights presenter enables the entry and/or display of RAG states (Red, Amber Green) as commonly used in project management. It also supports GAR (Green, Amber, Red), or any colour combination as may be required. This presenter can also be used as an indicator for a full range of integers and decimals, escalating the signal at the defined thresholds.

You can learn more about these Presenters, and download them, here.

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