Ability to open up a webpage external to the current application

I was wondering whether it is possible for us to have a link to a webpage external to the MATS application?

To link a public webpage from a MATS application you use a Variable for a website link.

The webpage link element only allows you to select a page from within the same build.

By using a Variable of type link you can put in any public link.

However the presentation is limited as it will show the full url and the spacing is a bit wide. For a short one (eg: BBC) that is OK but for a long one as in the Mats public page this can be a bit cumbersome. I found the best option was to use the presentation "Title above".


That’s just what I needed. Thanks

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An alternative to the solution provided by Ian is to use a template.
Create a template as a ‘snippet’ and use the hyperlink button in the tool bar. One of the options is ‘External’, enter the url and also the display name for the link.

You can then use this in a page with an “info by template” widget.

I’ve only ever used 10.1, so I can’t be sure if this works in lower versions.

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