Add a 'print job' template as a button to the case list within the Waste queues on the host

I have created a print job template on the host. Is there a way to add the ‘print job’ template as a button to the case list within the Waste queues on the host?

Thank you

Hello There, My name is Mark and I am a Create Builder for the Community Team. I’m not altogether clear on what you are trying to achieve. If you would like to email me we can arrange perhaps to chat on Teams and I will be able to help you further. Regards MP

Hey @mark.pearson and @Mihiri.Kotalawela!
Could you let us know what the outcome of your discussion was, as a ‘print’ button on a list might be useful for a number of other CH users?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

HI Meike, the requirement has changed a little. I’ll let you know how it pans out. MP

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Hello there, after detailed discussions with Mihiri I concluded that the best approach for what she was trying to achieve was as follows:

Create a Pop Up page with a Base Object of CASE. Add a List widget to this page which is Page Object CASE>>>>>PDFs (Object) that will display all PDFs associated with any given case.

Within the List widget add any PDF related fragments you wish to display, such as ID, PDF Name, Date Created etc. Then Include the PDF fragment, with the Presenter set to “File Preview” and the “Allow File Open” tick box CHECKED.

Then, in your original CASE listing include a fragment that displays the COUNT of PDFs attached to any given case. On this fragment attach a link to the Pop Up page you created (Above).

When you click this link, the Pop Up page will appear, allowing you to view all the PDFs available against you specific case.

By clicking on the File Preview link you included, the PDF will immediately open and present itself for you to view or Print using the Print Icon in the page Pop up.

I’m glad we resolved your issue. Have a Merry Christmas Mihiri.

Best Regards - MP

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Thanks a lot for all your help Mark. I really appreciate your support even while you are on leave. This is the first time I have requested some help from Netcall Community and really pleased with the service I received.

Merry Christmas Mark!

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