Adding a relationship to A user who's just logged in?

Hi everyone,
Trying to lock down ( make read only ) fields on a page to specific user role that is currently logged in. However creating a rule to add a relationship to the logged in user requires an event and I’m wondering what event to be the equivalent when a user logs in, hope this makes sense and any ideas appreciated!

Hi Josh,

In the Trigger tab of a rule, you can use the system event ‘User logged in’ (when the base object is a user object).

But it is a bit unclear to me what you are trying to achieve so, if you need more help, can you give a bit more detail on what you are trying to achieve?


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Hey @paulfrossell thanks for the reply!
I’ve got a fix for this now using a page load event on the homepage which sets the relationship to the logged in user.
Really appreciate the help though!

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