Adding timers retrospectively

Can you apply a timer to a case retrospectively?

We have timers that get applied when the cases are assigned a certain category (controlled via subsets). Occasionally a case is assigned to the incorrect category and we would like to be able to re-categorise and the new (correct) timer be applied, taking into account any time that has already elapsed.

Hi @SeanMcDine ,

It’s all down to your configuration really, but it can be possible.

Are your timer separated and individual timers per category, and you want to stop one and start another?
Or is it a single timer which then you want to action?

Either way, without looking at your build, I would advise considering building some Rules to Start, Stop and/or Restart the appropriate timers.

However, taking into account any elapsed time would depend on configuration. If it’s using the same timer, you can just let the timer run and/or pause, restart (etc) - Whichever is most appropriate.
But if it’s a separate timer that you’re starting, and you want it to take into account the elapsed time from a previous/another timer, then that is not currently possible I’m afraid.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: