Address selection on type ahead search not showing in correct place on form

We are using a type ahead address search on one of our forms and since we updated out systems the dropdown list of addresses found are showing quite a way down the form rather than immediately below the search box.

We have had a few quirky things happen since the upgrade that have been down to the change from VUE2 to VUE3 and these have been resolved but we’re a bit stumped with this one. Has anybody experienced similar or any ideas what’s causing it?

Hi Cathy, I too have experienced a few “oddities” following the VUE upgrade. I will speak with some colleagues regarding this matter.

What platform version are you currently running on?

Are you using and Code Studio stuff on the page or fields you are having issues with?

Regards - Mark

Glad it’s not just me.
We’re on V 2023.1.
The field in this case is using Fragment path > CASE Address (Remote) with the presenter Input relation type ahead.

Hi Cathy if you could please email me directly at with a link to the page in question, one of our design team will take a look at your specific issue. Thanks - Mark P

Hi Cathy,

Our superstar development team added some tweaks for you and the push to Live you carried out has activated that change. We are also raising this as a bug to be resolved by the Core team.

I’m delighted it’s worked out for you. Have a splendid weekend and thanks for pointing this bug out and participating here in the community!

Best Regards, Mark Pearson - AppShare Manager