Agent AHT against activity code

Hi, I correlate individual agent AHT (talk time, wrap up etc) against individual activity codes. I find it very useful to then undertand agent preformance and coaching needs. The only way I have found I can do is, is by manually copying the data from individual agent daily log and pasting into excel. I then use pivot tables etc.

Copying the data manually is time consuming. I was wondering if there is a feature in Netcall where the daily log could be downloaded (listing agent name, time of call, queue, skill, duration, activity code. wrap up)?

Thank you.

Hi @Mpatel there are a couple of options you can use for doing this. 1) Use the Report Scheduler to email you the CSV file at a time that suits or you can use the Report API to pull the data directly into an application line Excel or PowerBI (if you want some additional power to drive your report data). You can learn about how to do this hear: Hints and Tips - Using the Liberty Converse Report API

The API Route I feel would work best for you as you can set the report up once and then go into Excel or PowerBI and then refresh (which re-pulls) the data each time you run it, you can then have an area for your report data and then create a dashboard as such that updates as you run the refresh.

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards.


Thank you Jonathon. I’ll get this looked into. Appreciate your help in this.