Another COVID-19 App released!

Welcome back after your long weekend. Hope you managed to catch some sun.

Just a note to let you know we have another COVID-19 Accelerator available for you. This is another twist on the aspect of staff management during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Who’s on is designed to provide managers with accurate visibility of employee status through the periods of disruption, particularly where large numbers of remote staff are involved.

This Accelerator can be used to help improve the deployment of resource within Health and Social Care, and to maintain an organisation’s capacity to deliver services.

Flagged service risks, relating to employee non-attendance, help to monitor welfare of colleagues and provide geographical trends relating to absence and isolation.

Included are a single view of relevant COVID-19 updates, as well as embedded NHS widgets for the employees, in order to receive real time updates of COVID-19 and general ‘Live Well’ guidance.

Cheers, stay safe, Tony