API Sync Privileges

Does anyone know if there are any issues when performing a sync of users across Liberty Create instances ?

I have no problem with any properties and most of the attributes are fine except Privileges ?

if I attempt to sync a user with privileges I keep getting

E202 - Invalid value supplied for privileges: “[“PRV0000017FEFDF1”,“PRV0000012FEFDF1”,“PRV0000005FEFDF1”]” (scalar value required)

Is this simply saying that the privileges are not available on the target system ?

Even if that was the case - how is the matching done at the target end - is it by name - because presumably it cannot be GUID.

The same process for any user (specifically without privileges) works as expected.

This is NOT remote objects and is specifically an API Call in this case based on some property change of the source user object.

Since it seems to be sending an array of GUIDs - im not sure how this would even work at the target end.