Application to support our Market Traders Team

Hi There,
Camden are looking to consider building a replacement management system to support our Markets/Street Trading Team.

The service are looking at putting in place an electronic system in order to manage trader records and licence applications in order to reduce the potential of fraud and have an evidence base in light of the legislative requirements as part of the London Local Authorities Act, which sets out duties around Street Trading/Markets.

Has anyone already built an application for this in Create or would you be interested in collaborating on a build with Camden?
If interested, please do get in touch.

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Hi @ichavda
Thank you for posting this in the forum. I have sent it for review to a couple of teams I think might have some insight/be interested in collaboration.
I will also bring it to the LA team to see if there is appetite to do a collaborative project.

Many Thanks


This is a very interesting thread.
I have created a Markets system using a lamp stack (Joomla) for Birmingham to replace the existing Maccs system.
I am very keen to move this into Liberty Create / Citizen Hub.
Where are you so far with this project?
Would be very happy to work with anyone to help develop this system.

Cheers - Paul